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Suggested answers to Unit 23 (Bitten by the bug) Empty Suggested answers to Unit 23 (Bitten by the bug)

Post by spring_phan on Mon May 04, 2009 12:31 pm

Unit 23: Bitten by the bug
Level One
1. He hitchhiked to Rome.
2. It’s not safe.
3. He explored some of the less well-known towns and villages.
4. It’s Jakarta.
5. He travelled by boat and motor launch.
6. It consisted of boiled fish, a green vegetable and rice.
7. The writer boarded a powerful motorboat for the last leg of his journey.
8. The image’s that of a giant orange prawn on a bed of rice, all wrapped in a green banana leaf.
9. They do not leave the comfort of their hotels or air-conditioned taxis to venture out into the towns or areas they left their homes to visit.
10. His next destination is India.
Level Two
11. SA Hitchhiking then was less fraught with danger; hence, was more acceptable. His friends had made the same trip.
12. SA The writer is probably an adventurer who has travelled extensively throughout the world. He enjoys travelling to remote or distant places and has done so for many years. He probably does not stay in expensive hotels and travels as cheaply as he can. He is a traveller rather than a tourist.
13. SA The writer enjoys travelling. He has been travelling since he was 16 and is still visiting places. He has some firm ideas about travelling and would probably never be part of an organized tour, much preferring to make his own way around a country.
14. The main idea is that if you are not going to be adventurous and really make the effort to see the places of the country you are visiting, then you may as well stay home.
15. SA The writer feels travelling is a rich and rewarding activity that reveals as much about the writer’s own character as about the country or town that is being visited.
Level Three
16. SA Travelling is indeed a wonderful thing. It broadens the mind and enriches the spirit. It is immensely satisfying.
17. Subjective
18. SA The writer is best described as a traveller. A tourist usually goes to ‘see’ a country but seldom ‘explores’ and ‘discovers’ the country. A traveller, on the other hand, seeks out places and people that are not on the main tourist routes and makes his/her way to some destination.
19. SA Travelling to foreign parts is as much about discovering something about oneself as it is about the country. The writer states in the last paragraph he enjoys finding out about himself.
20. Subjective
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