Nha Trang- The mystery heaven

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Nha Trang- The mystery heaven

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:53 pm

Summer has come, with its warm sunny days, making us think of nice things, such as holidays in the country or picnic. Saying goodbye with the landlocked area in the southern of Vietnam, we planned on a trip to the beach. Our destination is a place considered as one of the most attractive seashores in the world-Nha Trang Gulf- where the monumental landscapes left a great impression on our mind with the vast of white sand, green coconut trees and windy hilltops.
It was owing to the clear sky, the bright sunlight and the fine early days in summer that our curious group imagined about the next destination in the second day. Everybody screamed out during the way getting the ferry due to their pleasure when catching a huge wave on their eyes. Enthusiastically, we got in the tourist ship and surfed onto the sparkling waves. Color of the ocean and the sky that make a wonderful landscape painting is mixed perfectly. A moment later, a pirate ship appeared vaguely behind a tiny island. “We lost into Caribbean Sea with wild zone in danger”. After buying the tickets we entered Tri Nguyen Aquarium. To our surprise we found ourselves in a dark cell, the only bright spots being the glass cases containing fishes. Indeed, three floors-the ship reveals its magic and majesty. The fishes and other sea creatures are kept in huge glass cases brightly surrounding the guest’s way. It was a great delight to watch the fishes moving in between sea plants, rock pieces and cells. Moreover, there is an outdoor fish cages lying next to the ship. Standing at the root of the hill, we can enjoy fresh atmosphere from a lot of trees planted surrounding this tourist area. We lost sight of the ship at the moment.
Along the seaway leading to the mainland, we had a chance to watch living of fisher folk that is one of the most famous ancient fishing villages. Reaching the sea planting zones, we listened to our canoe driver’s stories about this place, a professional tourguide- we think, with concentration. On the beach we saw many boats returning with day’s catch. There was happy on everyone’s face as it was the time to rejoice. A peaceful life in the white sand seashore, we are dreaming.
Coming and leaving in a short time, we cannot enjoy all totally but everything we saw and tasted is unforgettable. What a memorable trip!!! See you, Nha Trang!!!

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